Consultancy to upgrade Newfoundland's marine oil spill response process

10 July 2018 3 min. read

Geographic Information System (GIS) consultancy Integrated Informatics has been selected by Newfoundland’s Innovation Council to help revamp the province’s marine oil spill response. The firm will create a Tracking Data Management System to assist emergency responders with upgraded GIS digital resources.

Integrated Informatics Inc. is one of North America’s leading consultancies specializing in Geographic Information System (GIS) development and implementation. Founded in 2002, the GIS consulting firm supports energy and natural resources sector clients with spatial data management, workflow and process automation, and custom mapping solutions. Integrated Informatics has offices in Calgary, St. John’s, and Houston.

The firm was recently tapped by the NL (Newfoundland) Innovation Council to revamp the asset and personnel tracking system of the province’s Marine Oil Spill Response program. The Hibernia oil field about 300 km offshore of St. John’s Newfoundland is home to the world’s largest oil drilling platform. The offshore field is in a particularly inhospitable environment prone to icebergs, hurricanes, and violent winter storms.

Integrated Informatics will be tasked with creating a new Tracking Data Management System that will be deployed with Marine Emergency Response Industry stakeholders. The system will consist of applications for asset and personnel tracking, as well as a data management system that provides accurate data for emergency response exercises and command centres.Consultancy to upgrade Newfoundland’s marine oil spill response process“It is not uncommon to still see paper maps and documents heavily relied upon in Emergency Response Plans,” said Sharon Janes, Senior Consultant at Integrated Informatics. “The problem with these resources is that they do not present information that is as complete and current as possible within an emergency situation. This is what we are excited to help change – putting this data into the hands of responders as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The consulting firm’s data management solution will utilize GIS technology – Integrated Informatics’ area of expertise. GIS is a sort of digital map system that’s much more expansive and useful than a limited paper map, allowing for multiple levels of data integration and visualization. The solution will include mobile and web interfaces, as well as a data analytics and reporting dashboard.

“By accessing asset and personnel tracking data through mobile devices and the web, first responders will be able to more efficiently interpret data, analyze trends, and plan response in real-time,” Janes added. “Because this system rests on such a familiar platform [mobile, web], those with technical and non-technical backgrounds alike will be able to implement it into their workflows with ease.”

Digitalization is the all-too-common touchpoint of numerous projects in the consulting scene, as organizations attempt to make their processes more efficient and responsive through the use of digital and online technology. From open banking solutions to app-ifying museum visits, clients are asking consultants to help them digitally upgrade the way they get things done.