CGI introduces digital guide solution for libraries and museums

04 July 2018

Montreal-based technology consultancy CGI has announced the release of a digital guide application for public services like museums and libraries. Developed for the Gothenburg City Library in Sweden, the Biblioteket app helps visitors navigate the facility, provides guided tours, lets users search for and borrow materials, take quizzes, chat with staff, and track upcoming events.

Everything’s getting more digital, and organizations are trying to leverage the fact that people carry palm-sized computers in their pockets everywhere they go. Tapping into this resource can enhance the way that people interact with public institutions like libraries and museums. For example, an app for the Louvre museum in Paris was introduced back in 2016 that models the entire museum in 3D and uses geolocators to help chart a path from the Mona Lisa to wherever else. The digital guide app also offers 600 comprehensive descriptions in multiple languages of the various art pieces, and further practical info on events – including special exhibitions, workshops, etc.

Montreal-based technology consulting firm CGI announced that it has developed a similar application to improve the visitor experience in museums and libraries. Developed on behalf of Gothenburg City Library in Sweden, the Biblioteket app uses iBeacon geolocation technology to provide indoor navigation and guided tours. The app allows users to easily find where a specific book may be located in the library, while also showing where washrooms, elevators, and cafes are based on a user-friendly interactive map. The app also give guided tours and commentary on the library’s art and architecture displays.

The Biblioteket application also offers more basic functions to Gothenburg library users, such as the ability to search and borrow from the library catalogue, search and track events, ask questions with a chat function, and take library quizzes. The app is offered in Swedish, English, and Arabic.CGI introduces digital guide solution for libraries and museums"The app has been very warmly received by the 25 libraries throughout Gothenburg," said Rebecca Odin Ekström, librarian at Gothenburg City Library. "It's linked to our complete catalog of materials, making it easy to find and reserve an item, as well as plan a visit to the library based on upcoming events."

In addition to improving visitor experience, the app simultaneously reduces administrative burdens, bringing the self-service revolution to the library and museum scene. The solution has the potential to be applied to further libraries, museums, tourist attractions, and other public venues across the world.

"We see tremendous opportunity to use this at museums and other institutions across Europe and 
North America where many venues are showing interest," remarked Pär Fors, senior vice-president, CGI, Sweden. "The solution is all about using advanced digital technology to provide better public services and ensure visitors have the best possible experience. It's one of many smart city solutions CGI has delivered to transform how cities operate for the benefit of their citizens and society as a whole."

In related CGI news, the consultancy recently launched an open banking solution that helps traditional banks integrate third-party fintech apps into their networks while complying with regulatory frameworks in Europe. 



PwC Canada announces finalists in 2019 Vision to Reality Awards

03 April 2019

Accounting and consulting firm PwC Canada announced the finalists in its annual Vision to Reality (V2R) Awards, which recognize innovative and creative Canadian organizations.

The finalists included organizations across a wide range of industries, including agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, and the public sector. Twenty organizations were chosen across the four categories of visionaries, builders, reinventors, and accelerators.

“The visionary” award is given to a small organization with $0-50 million in revenue (including pre-revenue) that has a new idea that is adding value to people, businesses, or society. “The builder” award is given for the same sort of innovation, but eligibility is limited to organizations with between $51 million - $1 billion in revenue.

“The reinventor” award is presented to a company with more than $1 billion in annual revenue that has transformed how it operates or interacts with customers in a way that supports overall strategy and gears the company towards future success. “The accelerator” award is conferred on a public sector organization (of any size) which has launched a progressive initiative that positively impacts Canadians.

PwC Canada announces finalists in 2019 Vision to Reality Awards

The visionary award finalists for 2019 are: Decisive Farming, GHGSat Inc., Livestock Water Recycling, Loop Industries, Inc., and Ondine Biomedical Inc.

The builder award finalists are: Interac, Mircom Technologies Ltd., PointClickCare, Raptor Mining, and the Vancouver Airport Authority.

The reinventor finalists are: Agropur Cooperative, BMO Financial Group, Loblaw Digital, Rogers, and Sun Life Financial.

The accelerator finalists are: The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), British Columbia's Ministry of Health, Canada Border Services Agency, Medavie Health Services New Brunswick, and Oakville Hydro.

The organizations across the four categories are strong indicators that innovation – a major component of competitiveness in a globalized world – is still alive and well in Canada. GHGSat, for example, is using high resolution satellites to detect greenhouse gas emission from industrial sites anywhere in the world. The Vancouver Airport Authority has implemented the first automated border clearance kiosk in the world, using biometrics and self-service technology to speed up border clearance and improve customer experience.

Sun Life Financial has introduced digital platform Lumino, which helps Canadians find healthcare providers and innovations with built-in credible ratings and cost information to enable informed choices. Oakville Hydro has also blazed into the future with the implementation of distributed grid intelligence that automatically responds to changing grid conditions and cuts down on outage frequency.

The shortlisted organizations were chosen by an independent panel of judges from the public and private sectors who have experience assessing innovative organizations. The panel will continue its work as it selects the four ultimate winners next month. They will be announced at an exclusive event in Toronto on May 9th.

"We're thrilled to celebrate our V2R Awards finalists who represent some of Canada's best innovators and leaders," Chris Dulny, chief innovation officer, PwC Canada, said. "In addition to giving innovators well-deserved recognition, V2R brings together a community of trailblazers to collaborate and share ideas. Ultimately, this type of collaboration helps make Canada a more competitive place for innovation and we're proud to be a part of that."