National Life Safety Group launches new fire safety certification program

03 October 2023 2 min. read

National Life Safety Group (NLSG), a Toronto-based fire safety and emergency management consulting firm, has launched its new “Implementing Fire Safety in Residential Buildings” training program.

NLSG says the program is the first and only accredited fire safety training program designed to meet and exceed the Ontario fire code and specifically tailored for residential building staff. The three-hour course is accredited by the Canadian branch of the Institution of Fire Engineers and is recognized by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario for professional development credits for licensed condominium managers.

The Ontario fire code requires licensed condominium/apartment managers and key building staff undergo training before taking on fire safety responsibilities.

“Implementing a Fire Safety Plan through training at your building is much more than a fire code requirement—your occupants' safety depends on it," said Jason Reid, senior advisor of fire & emergency management with NLSG. "In fact, firefighters responding to an emergency at your building expect fully trained staff, and an implemented fire safety plan when they arrive; they also expect all systems to be functioning, tested, and recently inspected, and they highly depend on knowledgeable building staff in times of emergencies.”National Life Safety Group launches new fire safety certification programThe training program – which was developed by fire and life safety educators recognized by the National Fire Protection Association – covers several important subject areas. These include understanding and operation of alarm systems, sprinklers, smoke control, and lighting; roles and responsibilities of building staff; emergency communications with occupants; managing persons requiring special assistance; and scheduling maintenance and inspections. 

Founded in 2011, NLSG provides consulting and training programs for fire, safety, and emergency management. The firm’s consulting offerings include fire safety planning and compliance audits, emergency response planning and mitigation, security reviews, and occupational health and safety reviews.

NLSG provides training and professional development programs for residential and commercial buildings, as well as tailored training for health and safety professionals and physical security professionals.

The firm has seven employees listed on its website.