Readiness Associates partners with software provider CloudOak

16 November 2020 2 min. read

Readiness Associates, a Portland, Maine-based emergency preparedness consultancy, has joined the partner ecosystem of CloudOak, an Oakville, Ontario-based provider of business continuity software.

CloudOak recently launched Plan4Continuity, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that converts manual business continuity processes into intelligent, automated workflows. The application makes provisions for natural disasters, active shooter events, and ransomware attacks, while also including business process automation services such as office relocations, facilities management, and staff absences.

“Because Plan4Continuity is a brand-new solution that has never been offered before, IT service providers can take advantage of the opportunity to sell this to their client base as a new and innovative solution that their clients never had before, so creating a recurring revenue stream,” states the Oakville-based firm’s website.

Readiness Associates partners with software provider CloudOak

Readiness Associates has now entered CloudOak’s partner network, adding the Plan4Continuity application to its preparedness and risk portfolio. The US consultancy helps organizations prepare for emergencies, including natural disasters, gas leaks, active shooters, and pandemic response. The firm delivers effective plans and training to protect resources and employees, and maintain business continuity.

“We identified CloudOak as a key partner because of their high-quality solutions, aggressive price points and service excellence,” said Michael J. Boardman, Readiness Associates founder and CEO. “A key attribute of the Plan4Continuity SaaS solution is its adherence to the ISO 22301 Standards for Business Continuity and the ability to automate processes and provide audit-worthy reports and 24/7 services via a secure cloud connection.”

Founded in 2015, Readiness Associate’s team of more than 10 consultants has supported high-profile clients such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Tiffany’s, and Rutgers University.

“We are actively taking steps to meet both current and future IT requirements of IT professionals for them to, in turn, meet their customers’ needs,” said Jeff Collier, CloudOak CEO and founder. “It is for this reason that we are excited about and confident in our new partnership with Readiness Associates.”

Readiness Associates earlier this year acquired Continuity Dynamics, a similar consulting specialist based in New Jersey.