Stantec to support Hydro-Québec’s climate change adaptation plan

03 June 2020 2 min. read

Stantec, an Edmonton-based design and engineering consulting firm, has been selected to help develop Hydro-Québec’s adaptation plan to mitigate climate change risks on its facilities and operations.

The public utility provides electricity to customers in Quebec and the northeast US, utilizing 63 hydroelectric power stations and 28 reservoirs. Hydro-Québec accounted for 32% of Canada’s power generation as of 2015.

As a result of climate change impacts, hydropower facilities will have to deal with a change in river runoff due to altered precipitation and temperature levels. They will also have to mitigate an increase in extreme weather events, as well as increased erosion effects that could reduce reservoir capacity.

As part of Hydro-Québec’s 2020-2024 strategic plan, Stantec will use climate data and extreme weather expertise, as well as climate projections and modeling, to help develop a climate change adaptation plan. The plan will include operations adaptation measures for protecting vulnerable assets, including power plants, dams, and transmission/distribution lines.Stantec to support Hydro-Québec’s climate change adaptation plan“Climate change is a planet-wide concern and Hydro-Québec increasingly feels the effects of weather-related phenomena on its operations, whether it’s more frequent or abundant rainfall, strong winds, or heat waves,” said Céline Cusson, Hydro-Québec’s manager of governance and strategic issues, environment division. “Our proactive development of this adaptation plan in conjunction with Stantec will enable us to better protect our assets and operations. We are confident that Stantec’s experience in this area will help us develop a robust plan for addressing the challenges of climate change.”

Stantec will draw on its network of climate change specialists, risk management engineers, and water and infrastructure specialists, among others. Within the company’s power & dams market, the firm has specialized offerings for hydropower clients. Stantec’s environmental services line, meanwhile, offers climate change services that include climate analysis, risk assessment, and adaptation and mitigation planning.

The firm has previously completed numerous climate change-related risk and impact management assessments in Quebec and around the world.

“Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our clients, and we are proud to team up with Hydro-Québec on its climate change adaptation plan,” said Arielle Kadoch, Stantec’s sector lead, power – Eastern Canada. “Stantec is committed to sustainable development and this project allows us to take another step in answering the challenges of climate change.”

Founded in 1954, Stantec delivers a range of professional services across architecture, design, and engineering. The firm has more than 22,000 employees across over 400 global locations.