PMP Strategy

Strategy, development & transformation consulting for executives

We are independent and entrepreneurs at heart. Our objective is value creation to achieve sustainable performance for your business.

Our dedicated team of men and women work closely together. They share and communicate their passion for what they do, their multi-sector expertise and strategic know-how with a worldwide clientele.

We constantly challenge our way of thinking. It’s essential. Bringing about change not only demands expert advice but also fresh ideas, positive energy and a touch of daring if boundaries are to be pushed and new ground explored.


  • Telecom - Media Tech
  • Transport - Mobility Tourism
  • Energy
  • Banking / Insurance


PMP covers all fields of expertise in management consulting across many sectors but has also developed recognised, stronger capabilities in strategic expertise going beyond those traditionally associated with strategic consulting. Why? In-depth transformation of a business cannot be envisaged without financial performance…digital technology is everywhere and customers are essentially core.

Innovation & Transformation
Agile innovating and transformation: How is it done?

Guiding you through Digital Transformation: digital strategy and omni-channel, business model evolution and new revenue models, e-commerce performance, the omni-channel customer experience, organisation and process.

Client Equity
Digitize and personalize the omnichannel customer experience to develop the customer capital of each company
Finance & Performance
Steer and anticipate, create value, transform, master the risks and data, develop talent: we support you in facing the challenges that have to be met

Big Data
The boom in data flows opens up the way to unlimited opportunities for organisations. PMP has created its data lab, Lab32, to help clients seize them.

Due Diligence
Guiding financial investors to conduct buy-side due diligence, vendor due diligence, portfolio strategy as well as identifying investment opportunities.

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