Mercer partners with LIFT session to bring digital fitness to Canadian workplaces

11 December 2019 2 min. read

HR consultancy Mercer has partnered with LIFT session, a Montreal-based digital fitness app company. Mercer will integrate LIFT’s custom, on-demand digital fitness service to employers and employees through its wellbeing platform Mercer 365.

Mercer 365 is a recently launched all-in-one digital solution that gives employees access to vendors that support wellbeing across the physical, mental, financial, and social aspects. Employees get an easy-to-use, digital, self-serve platform to enhance their wellbeing, while employers get a streamlined package that eliminates having to deal with multiple vendors (Mercer 365 had 14 service providers as of November).

The LIFT session fitness platform has now been added to Mercer 365, providing users with digital tools to manage their fitness and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Subscribing employers will benefit from fitness services that positively impact employee health, productivity, and retention.

“There are numerous medical studies which indicate there is no better proactive health management approach than building fitness into our lifestyles, whether to fend off chronic, cardiovascular, or cognitive diseases,” Raffi Tchakmakjian, CEO of LIFT session, said.

Mercer partners with LIFT session to bring digital fitness to Canadian workplaces

The LIFT session platform includes customized and automated fitness sessions, chat access to wellness experts, live online group classes, and engaging LIFT corporate challenges. The offered fitness classes range from high-intensity interval training to Pilates, yoga, and dynamic stretching. Users can train on-demand and progress at their own pace, and work on goals which could be training for a competition or simply losing a few pounds.

"Employers understand the importance of fitness and how it positively affects both physical and mental wellbeing and recognize that employee expectations are rising when it comes to receiving a digital-first experience personalized to them," said Julie Duchesne, leader of Mercer Marsh Benefits for Canada. "To maximize employee engagement, and to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed, employers need benefits offerings that are modern, accessible, and scaled to employee needs, goals and capabilities, simple to deploy, and, most of all, fun. This is exactly what the LIFT session platform offers".

Tchakmakjian added, “We are delighted to see fitness identified as a pillar of employee wellbeing and our inclusion in the Mercer 365 core platform. Together with Mercer, we will not only promote a sustainable way of doing that for the employee, but will also help employers in boosting their productivity and culture.”