KPMG Canada expands its executive training centre

04 June 2024 2 min. read

KPMG Canada, in partnership with Microsoft, has expanded its operational risk skills development centre across the country to upskill executives on generative artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The national rollout follows a phase one launch in Quebec in November. The KPMG centre will offer a comprehensive curriculum and a new Copilot training program for executives and board members. Copilot is a GenAI-powered companion integrated into Microsoft 365 that accelerates content creation, email management, documents, chats, meetings, and contacts, and automates routine tasks.

“We are committed to helping organizations navigate the complexities of generative AI, and the first step in adopting this transformative technology begins with education,” said Walter Pela, AI client and market development lead at KPMG Canada and regional managing partner for the Greater Vancouver Area. “Our executive training centre co-developed with Microsoft Canada empowers business leaders by providing them with the skills they need to know to navigate generative AI with confidence while mitigating the risks of this powerful technology.”

KPMG Canada expands its executive training centre

The centre’s training includes GenAI educational modules for executives and board members as well as cybersecurity training for small- and medium-sized business leaders. The Copilot training offers foundational training for various industries and functions, including finance, IT, legal, and administration.

The centre’s national rollout was announced on May 29th at KPMG’s AI Summit in Vancouver.

“Generative AI represents a significant opportunity and with the expansion of the Operational Risk Skills Development Centre’s curriculum to business leaders across Canada, we are helping Canadian organizations realize the full potential of AI,” said John Weigelt, national technology officer, Microsoft Canada. “Whether you’re the leader of a marketing agency in BC, a furniture retailer in Manitoba or a transportation and logistics company in Newfoundland, generative AI is a technology that can help boost your organization’s productivity and competitiveness.”