Loop hires Maple Leaf Strategies to lobby its contact tracing solution

29 July 2020 Consulting.ca 2 min. read

Loop Insights, a Vancouver-based technology firm, has hired public affairs consultancy Maple Leaf Strategies. The consulting firm will lobby the Ontario and federal governments to adopt Loop’s new contact tracing solution.

Loop hired Maple Leaf Strategies – an Ottawa-based public affairs, government relations, and public opinion research firm – to accelerate the exposure and visibility of its contract tracing solution, with a goal of widespread government adoption on the east coast of Canada.

Loop’s contact tracing SaaS product is a turnkey, app-less solution which boasts easy adoption and usage. The solution offers accurate, secure data collection which replaces manual processes, and can integrate with other Covid-19 technology, according to Loop.Loop hires Maple Leaf Strategies to lobby its contact tracing solutionThe Vancouver tech firm launched the contact tracing platform earlier this month in Las Vegas with a global hospitality company, and the platform is gaining traction with projects in Canada, Australia, the UK, and Indonesia. The firm also said that the solution is gathering interest from governments in Australia and the UK.

"With cities across our country reopening, the need and sense of urgency for a contact tracing solution has never been greater,” said Rob Anson, CEO of Loop Insights. “We believe a working partnership with Maple Leaf Strategies will enable us to channel the path of least resistance, and position us to best seize the opportunity with the Ontario provincial and Canadian federal government. We feel confident that Maple Leaf Strategies will successfully facilitate meetings and streamline our path to the appropriate decision makers, exponentially giving us a strong competitive advantage."

Loop was founded in 2018 and focuses on automated marketing, contactless solutions, and contract tracing in the brick-and-mortar space.

Maple Leaf Strategies' Bliss Baker said, "We are proud to have a track record of success with all levels of government across the country—municipal, provincial, federal, and First Nations. Particularly, our Maple Leaf Strategy Partners in Ottawa have been recognized numerous times by the Hill Times as some of the most influential lobbyists in the country. We are confident that we can get Loop's solution in front of the right eyes to demonstrate its congruence to current government needs."

Maple Leaf Strategies was founded in 2012 and has offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.