Toronto-based TribalScale becomes Select Consulting Partner with AWS

27 February 2019 3 min. read
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Global digital consulting firm TribalScale has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network as a Select Consulting Partner. The move recognizes the firm’s expertise in cloud software development and implementation of the market-leading AWS platform.

AWS is the heavy hitter of the cloud infrastructure market. According to figures from Synergy Research, it has a 34% share of cloud infrastructure (including platform services and hosted private cloud). Other players such as Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba are as yet dwarfed by AWS’ market stranglehold.

The Amazon subsidiary provides cloud computing services that help cut down on-premises computing and server costs, while enabling cutting-edge business practices through the use of machine learning, robotics process automation, blockchain, and Internet of Things-powered solutions. AWS has solutions tailored to large enterprises, start-ups, and the public sector.

The cloud computing leader works with a large number of consulting and IT firms to deliver its platform services to clients across the globe. Consulting firms will guide clients through the process of cloud migration and utilization, supporting planning, strategy, customization, implementation, and training.

Toronto-based TribalScale becomes Select Consulting Partner with AWS

One such consultancy is digital and innovation firm TribalScale, which leverages agile practices to build digital products, drive digital transformations, and co-create disruptive startups. Founded in 2015, the consulting firm has worked with notable organizations such as ABC, CBC, and CIBC. Headquartered in Toronto, TribalScale has more than 230 employees, with additional offices in the United Arab Emirates, New York, Boston, and San Francisco and Irvine, California. 

The enhanced partnership to an AWS Select Consulting Partner offers clients an extensive cloud services and management portfolio, alongside TribalScale’s value-added services and products.

"We are thrilled to build on an existing relationship and solidify our work with Amazon Web Services," Karen Pattani-Hason, TribalScale's head of strategic partnerships, said. "Achieving Select Consulting status validates that we are experts in building solutions on the AWS cloud platform and allows us to bring added value to our client engagements."

To obtain Select Consulting Partner designation, a consultancy must provide customer references from Fortune 500 clients and meet numerous technical requirements, certifications, and accreditations.

“The AWS Select Consulting Partnership opens up many new avenues for our teams to leverage the cloud and focus on robust application development. Together, we can most effectively meet our mutual clients' demands in providing top-tier, cloud services, which is a key aspect of our transformation and product services," Josh Wilks, TribalScale's CTO and co-founder, said.

“AWS, its infrastructure, and range of services will further empower our engineers to rapidly develop modern, scalable, quality software solutions," he added.

The company also announced earlier this month that it had joined the Google Cloud Partner Program as a Premier Consulting Partner.