Cannabis HR Network launches at Lift Expo in Vancouver

15 January 2019 2 min. read
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A network aimed at helping cannabis human resources professionals link up and collaborate launched on January 11 at the Lift Expo, Canada’s largest cannabis expo. HR consultancy Cannabis At Work is one of the network’s founding members, alongside CannTrust, Emerald Health Botanicals, Maxton HR, WeedMD, and Zenabis.

Cannabis legalization sparked a huge wave of investment, speculation, and hiring as a formerly black market became another cog in the economic machine. Shifting attitudes on the previously maligned herb combined with policy and policing pragmatism have wrenched marijuana into the sphere of legitimate business – creating tax revenue and jobs. The legal marijuana market is expected to be worth $4.3 billion in 2019.

The cannabis industry in Canada has developed rapidly, sprouting manufacturers, risk management firms, digital enablers, and even HR consulting firms to fill the expected demand of businesses and consumers. Founded in 2015, Cannabis At Work is currently the country’s only recruitment, training, and HR consultancy entirely focused on the cannabis industry. The firm places qualified candidates, conducts online industry training, and delivers workplace impairment training. Cannabis At Work also delivers thinkpieces on industry trends and speaks at cannabis policy conferences and other events.

Cannabis HR Network launches at Lift Expo in Vancouver

With cannabis firms on a hiring tear to scale up and address supply shortages, effective HR services are increasingly important – especially in the case of high-volume hiring. Reflecting the increasing maturity of the sector, Cannabis At Work is now a founding member of the Cannabis HR Network, which launched at Lift Expo in Vancouver last week. The network will provide HR professionals in the cannabis industry “an opportunity to learn, share, collaborate and build relationships,” according to a release from the consultancy. Cannabis At Work CEO Alison McMahon will chair the Strategic Advisory Committee of the HR network.

"This is the 'green rush' and cannabis companies are growing at a breakneck speed, which creates unique challenges for HR leaders," commented McMahon. "HR professionals are seeking a platform to share strategies on topics like high-volume recruitment and benchmark data on pay and benefits."

As part of the network’s launch, it led a workshop on executive compensation practices at Lift Expo on January 11, as well as a panel discussion on total rewards.

Membership in Cannabis HR Network is open to individuals and corporations in the cannabis sector.