Springtime for HR: A good time to get organized

01 April 2024 Consulting.ca 1 min. read
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As people gear up to declutter their homes, springtime is also a great time to check if a company’s human resources functions are organized and up to date – according to the experts at Peninsula Canada.

“Generally, for so many businesses, this can be a very busy time, this is when employers are hiring new employees, setting budgets, and conducting performance reviews,” said Kiljon Shukullari, HR advice manager at Peninsula Canada. “Come spring, it gives the opportunity for employers to have a fresh start and set them up for a successful season ahead.”

Companies should check if staff information is up to date, including addresses and emergency contacts. If employers are still on paper files, they should look to switch to digital, which take up less space and are more easily organized.

Employers should also make sure employee policies and handbooks are current and compliant with any legislative changes. For example, a recent Ontario judicial decision requires employers to review if the termination provisions within their employment contracts breach the Employment Standards Act.

Now is also good time to prepare for a wave of summer vacation requests, Peninsula says. The HR consultancy recommends having a robust vacation policy in place that informs employees how far in advance they must request vacation time and clarifies the procedure for making requests. The policy should also list the reasons why a request might be declined.

Employers can also make time to review the status of projects. Checking due dates, tasks, and responsibilities can help a project meet its deadline, as well as identify any gaps that might hinder its successful completion.

Finally, the HR department can examine if their job postings' requirements still fit the position. Job postings may be forgotten and become irrelevant with the passage of time – including if office responsibility changes have altered the requirements.