Caldwell and BTblock team up to offer innovative blockchain solutions

10 August 2018

Executive search firm Caldwell has partnered with blockchain specialist consultancy BTblock to form a Blockchain Advisory Council, which will offer an innovative hybrid of strategic blockchain advisory services as well as talent support and training.

Founded in 1970 in Toronto, Caldwell is an executive talent search firm that works with clients looking to transform their operations. The firm places talent at the highest levels of leadership and subsequently tracks their progress using the Net Promoter Score methodology, thereby keeping a check on quality.

Caldwell’s operations are centred on the principle that people are the core of an organisation, and that any efforts to evolve and remain at the cutting edge of industry must involve the alignment of internal talent towards the goal. Drawing on this principle, the firm has now ventured into the blockchain domain that has taken centre stage in the tech world.

Blockchain technology has made great strides in the world of business, not least because of the recent boom in the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The technology is now viewed as a highly secure and efficient method of data storage, and its utility has extended as far as keeping the black market out of Canada’s budding cannabis trade.Caldwell and BTblock combine to offer innovative blockchain solutionsTo tap into this spike in demand, Caldwell has established a Blockchain Advisory Council in partnership with New-York-based blockchain consultancy BTblock. Founded just this year, BTblock is a highly specialised consulting firm that offers help with onboarding the much-coveted distributed ledger system, spanning every stage from design to implementation.

Under the new partnership, BTblock will offer clients access to in-depth information on the world of blockchain, as well as support with its implementation and integration, following which Caldwell will ensure that the talent within the organisation is suited to taking full advantage of the new technology.

As explained by Tammy Kahn, Partner at BTblock, “There is no shortage of good use-cases for blockchain. It does, however, require thinking strategically about where blockchain is best leveraged within a company. Once that is determined, though, all roads lead to finding talent. In partnering with Caldwell, we can ensure the vision and strategy is executed with the right hire. This is a forward-thinking initiative that will facilitate real business results for Caldwell's clients.”

Chief Operating Officer at Caldwell, Chris Beck added, “Blockchain technologies carry the potential for substantial impact within our client's organizations, as they can enable the strategic reorganization of workflows and related structures. Businesses in every area of the economy are rethinking how best to use talent and leverage it in different ways, and Caldwell is at the forefront of this changing dynamic. With the launch of the Blockchain Advisory Council, we are the premier executive search partner for clients as they train and position the key executives who will lead their adoption of blockchain technologies.

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Consulting firm MNP joins Global Cannabis Partnership

04 April 2019

Accounting and consulting firm MNP LLP has joined the Global Cannabis Partnership (GCP). The GCP is a not-for-profit collaboration of public and private sector organizations seeking to establish social responsibility standards for the international cannabis industry.

Legal cannabis is a multibillion dollar industry in Canada, and its pollen is being blown across the globe, with legal recreational cannabis laws in several US states and European countries currently planting the seeds of potential legalization.

Cannabis legalization brings with it a rush of capitalists seeking to make their fortune, many of whom are in need of sound guidance. A thriving consulting segment has rapidly sprung forth to support cannabis firms with strategy, data analysis, regulatory compliance, security, human resources, and any other business needs. At established consultancies, cannabis teams have generally been cobbled together from consumer packaged goods, and food and beverage sector teams, where there exists a good deal of relevant expertise.

MNP, Canada’s fifth-largest national accounting and consulting firm, was quick to jump on the cannabis bandwagon, and is now one of the industry’s leading advisors, servicing clients internationally.

Consulting firm MNP joins Global Cannabis Partnership

The firm has deep expertise advising industry clients on accounting, audit, tax, financial, and regulatory issues. MNP also supports cannabis industry clients with strategic planning, organizational performance, risk management, best practices and internal controls, and M&A.

As part of its growing role in the industry, MNP has joined the not-for-profit organization Global Cannabis Partnership (GCP). The St. John, New Brunswick-based organization is currently working to create a responsible cannabis framework to guide the safe production, distribution, and consumption of legal recreational cannabis.

Other members of the GCP include consultancies EY, PwC, Grant Thornton, and Cannabis Compliance Inc.

"MNP joined the GCP to collaborate with other industry leaders as the cannabis industry in Canada steps into the spotlight on a global stage," Glenn Fraser, national leader of both food and beverage processing and cannabis, said.

"When MNP decided to enter the cannabis industry in 2013, we made a point to integrate ourselves with the people and organizations propelling the Canadian cannabis industry forward. Through our membership with the Global Cannabis Partnership, we're at the table with our peers continuing the development of the adult-use recreational cannabis industry in Canada and beyond."

MNP joined the organization at the same time as four other companies: cannabis cultivator Canndescent; cannabis operator and franchisor ONE Cannabis Group; cannabinoid R&D firm Cronos Group; and cannabis producer Rubicon Organics. The five additions bring the GCP’s total membership to 37.

"As the industry continues to grow, our membership is expanding along with it," Kim Wilson, executive director of GCP, said. "We're thrilled to have these new members, who are committed to corporate social responsibility and making a positive contribution to the partnership. The diversity of our membership brings a broad perspective and expertise to the table, which will help us set standards and guidelines for best practices in the cannabis industry worldwide."

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