Ayming Canada professionals on working for the consulting firm

01 August 2018 Consulting.ca 3 min. read
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Professionals from management consultancy Ayming recently spoke a little bit about what it’s like to work at the growing firm. The Paris-based company has six offices in Canada, and provides consulting services in finance, innovation, operations, and human resources.

Ayming is a France-based global management consulting firm with a thirty-year track record of helping firms realise performance improvement and growth. The firm provides strategic and operational advice in the areas of Finance & Innovation, Operations, and Human Resources.

In the Finance & Innovation segment, Ayming supports clients with innovation management, tax credits, tax reduction, and grants and government funding. In Operations, the firm provides services in the areas of operational efficiency, procurement cost performance, supply chain, indirect purchasing, and working capital. Lastly, Ayming provides HR advisory services in the areas of payroll management, change management, pay equity, and recruiting, among a host of others.

The company was created by the 2016 merger of French firm Alma Consulting with Paris-based consultancy Lowendalmasai. Today, Ayming employs 1,500 specialists in offices across 16 countries worldwide. In Canada, the consultancy has headquarters in Montreal, with additional locations in Quebec City, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.Ayming Canada professionals on working for the consulting firmProfessionals from Ayming Canada recently spoke about what working at the growing consultancy is like. “Ayming offers a supportive setting that demands a lot from me, but that also respects and encourages the need for work-life balance,” commented Melanie Tabet, Marketing Director, North America. “I work with very intelligent and dedicated people who motivate me and who contribute to the professional reputation our company has attained. As a marketer, this makes building a brand that much easier.”

Tabet also relishes the dynamic and fast-moving pace of the Ayming workplace. “We are growing rapidly, and that creates challenging opportunities for launching new services, for penetrating new markets and for continuous development in North America and abroad,” she said. “We provide valuable services that help our clients innovate and grow. I’m proud of what Ayming has to offer, and that makes me eager to communicate about what we can help companies achieve."

When asked what makes their team ‘special,’ Harry Singh, Managing Director, Central Region replied: “I think the Central Region and by extension Canada is very unique. We’ve got a very diverse and multicultural team. We’ve got some people that are new graduates and eager to learn and grow in their careers. We’ve got some very established veterans that bring a lot of coaching and mentoring.”

The thing that Melanie Tabet likes most about working at Ayming, though, is the supportive, familial atmosphere of the office. “The family feel that I got from Ayming, the fact that everybody really seemed to support each other and really want to contribute to each other’s development. So I was really excited about joining the team.”

Added Tabet, “And we have fun! We work hard, but we also really like each other and enjoy each other’s company.  That is reflected in the cohesiveness of our team.”