KPMG opens Calgary Ignition innovation lab

23 November 2022 2 min. read
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KPMG Canada on Monday opened its third “Ignition” centre in Canada with a new location in Calgary.

KPMG’s Ignition Centres are innovation labs that help clients solve complex problems, navigate disruption, and harness advanced technologies to improve operations and customer service. The labs feature immersive, project-focused workspaces and interactive demonstrations that facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and creativity.

The Big Four firm also has Ignition centres in Toronto and Vancouver. KPMG Global has Ignition centres in 16 countries leveraging data and analytics, digital solutions, and technology business management.

The consultancy commissioned an art piece from Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and visual designer Natalia Resovsky to mark the centre’s inauguration. The piece is an algorithm-manipulated representation of the downtown Calgary skyline.

Kerry Harmer and Murray Suey at KPMG Ignition Calgary

“This is more than a work of art. It is a representation and celebration of the province's thriving culture of technology, entrepreneurialism, and innovation," said Murray Suey, KPMG's regional managing partner for Calgary. "It's important that we continue to nurture and support the tech ecosystem and innovation. Innovation is what fuels the economy and makes it resilient.”

In 2000, Canada’s workforce was 82% as productive as the US workforce in terms of real output (value-added) per hour, according to statistics from the OECD. In 2020, that percentage had dropped to 77%.

Canada’s workforce is also less productive than the Eurozone average, the UK, and Australia, and is expected to be the worst performing economy out of 38 advanced countries in the next 40 years, according to the OECD. Canada’s dire outlook for GDP per capita growth is heavily influenced by an inability to boost labor productivity.

Canadian workers are less productive than most of the West because, on average, Canadian companies use less capital and technology, are less innovative, and operate at a smaller scale. To extremely oversimplify, Canadian companies can dig into the ground for minerals (inefficiently), but they can’t be Apple or Amazon.

"We help our clients reframe their problems, see beyond the now, and derive value from innovation," said Kerry Harmer, KPMG Ignition Calgary leader. "Leveraging design thinking methodology, analytical tools, and our ecosystem of alliances, we custom-fit solutions for specific business challenges, helping our clients to think leaner, faster, and more efficiently to stay sharp and competitive."