KPMG Canada lets workers 'roam' for two months with new remote work program

19 May 2022 2 min. read

The Big Four firm this week announced its “KPMG Roam” remote work and travel program, which will allow partners and employees to work outside their home province for up to eight weeks – including up to four weeks outside Canada.

All eligible partners and permanent employees will be able to participate in the program regardless of seniority, a press release from KPMG stated. Employees can work from any Canadian province, as well as The Bahamas, Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and France (if they are EU citizens). KPMG Canada employees who are US citizens are eligible to work in Florida.

KPMG workers will still have to be available for Canadian home office hours, so those who opt to spend up to four weeks in Croatia or France will have to put in an evening workday. The rest of the locations are less of a sticky wicket in terms of time zones.

KPMG Canada lets workers ‘roam’ for one month with new remote work program

The accounting and consulting firm said it is currently examining the viability of other locations for inclusion in the program. The current limited duration and list of locations is a function of the tax implications of cross-border work, as well as other factors such as varying employment standards and reporting requirements.

“In creating this program, we were guided by the knowledge that our people can work effectively in many locations while supporting our clients, and that providing opportunities for unique and meaningful experiences helps us all thrive,” said Louise Lutgens, managing director of talent innovation and strategic investments at KPMG Canada.

The program follows KPMG’s announcement in February that it would give its employees an extra seven paid days off in July and August, making every weekend a long weekend in those months.

Consulting firms have been boosting perks and raising salaries in an effort to attract and retain talent in a tight labour market. PwC US recently announced its professionals would have the option to work abroad for up to 20 days a year. The US firm also decided to shut down its offices for two weeks a year – one week in December and one week in July – as part of a wider $2.4 billion investment in employee benefits and wellbeing.