Consultancy Maillon Vert assists Familiprix with elimination of plastic bags

17 March 2021 2 min. read
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Pharmacy brand Familiprix has announced that it will no longer offer single-use plastic bags at its locations. The Quebec-based pharmacy was advised on the new initiative by sustainability consulting firm Maillon Vert.

Familiprix’s ban on plastic bags will eliminate the distribution of approximately 7.5 million bags annually. Customers will instead be encouraged to bring their own bags or purchase a reusable and recyclable cloth bag. 

Familiprix is one of the largest companies in Quebec, with a network of 400 independent pharmacies in Quebec and New Brunswick and over $1 billion in annual revenue.

"We are very aware that people's health is inseparable from that of the planet. Thanks to our members' efforts and our customers' collaboration, nearly 7.5 million single-use plastic bags will no longer be distributed annually by Familiprix," said Bernard Godbout, VP of marketing and merchandising. "This initiative reinforces Familiprix's promise to continually improve its operations at all levels to reduce our collective environmental footprint."

Consultancy Maillon Vert assists Familiprix with elimination of plastic bags

The plastic bag ban is part of the pharmacy’s wider sustainability program. The company in 2019 stopped carrying boxes of single-use bottled water. Familiprix is also piloting an eco-friendly labeling program which helps consumers easily identify the most environmentally conscious products.

Montreal-based consulting firm Maillon Vert has been advising Familiprix on its sustainability initiatives. Founded in 2012 by pharmacist Marc-André Mailhot, Maillon Vert provides consulting services in sustainability development and best practices. The firm specializes in serving pharmacy clients, but also works with other industries, including restaurant and hospitality, nonprofit, and service companies.

“For almost ten years, Maillon Vert has been active in the integration of sustainable development with local businesses, generating positive transformations based on best practices. It is with this in mind that we are supporting Familiprix in its eco-responsible turn," said Mailhot. "In addition to being an environmentally sound gesture, removing the plastic bag supply increases the company's operational efficiency."