Consultancy Calian Group buys cybersecurity firm Secure Technologies

14 June 2018 2 min. read

Canadian consulting firm Calian Group has acquired Ottawa-based IT security consultancy Secure Technologies. The deal bolsters the multifaceted firm’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Calian is an Ottawa-headquartered consulting firm founded in 1982. The firm offers consulting services in the areas of technology, healthcare, training, and engineering. Calian has 2,900 employees across eight Canadian offices stretching from Edmonton to Halifax.

The firm’s Business and Technology Services (BTS) Division, headquartered in Ottawa, provides services in the areas of health, training, engineering, and IT. The Systems Engineering Division (SED) in Saskatoon designs and implements communications systems for space agencies and satellite companies, while also performing contract manufacturing for private and public sector clients.

The diversified consultancy recently strengthened its IT offering with the acquisition of Ottawa-based cybersecurity firm Secure Technologies. The award-winning company supports clients with the implementation and maintenance of security solutions from McAfee, Fortinet, Forcepoint, and others. Secure Technologies also trains clients to help them maintain improved cybersecurity post-implementation.

The acquired firm will join Calian IT & Professional Services, which offers SAP consulting, IT development support services, cloud consulting, and cybersecurity services. Secure technologies will reinforce the capabilities of Calian’s Cyber Resilience Office, which offers cyber solutions including technical support, integration, training, and software.

“This acquisition strengthens Calian’s position as an expanding cyber security solutions provider serving a high-growth market,” remarked Sandra Cote, Vice President, Calian ITPS. “For the public and private sectors, the big story is resilience. We all know that governments, communities and companies are focused on resilience when it comes to emergencies but, too often, we see that cyber resilience is missing as part of those plans and procedures.”

Secure Technologies, whose sole office is in Ottawa, has annual revenues of $6-8 million.

“We were impressed by Calian’s brand, expertise and national market presence,” commented David Tucker, CEO, Secure Technologies. “I’m excited to realize the tremendous potential of combining Calian’s IT and cyber talent with Secure Technologies’ recognized skills and experience.”

Calian President and CEO Kevin Ford added, “Secure Technologies’ expert cyber team and strong foothold in the market will help to accelerate our cyber sales growth and support synergies across our cyber, training, and emergency management services.”

Calian’s purchase of the cybersecurity consultancy arrives on the heels of a recent IT and cybersecurity service agreement with government clients worth over $10 million. Under the contract, Calian ITPS will design and implement cybersecurity strategies for Shared Services, Canada Revenue Agency, and Public Services and Procurement Canada. The firm will also provide IT services in business transformation, architecture, SAP, systems, and standards and policies.

The government contracts have terms of up to four years, and have a total value of about $11 million.