Accenture acquires manufacturing consultancy Callisto Integration

07 May 2020 2 min. read
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Accenture has acquired Callisto Integration, an Oakville, ON-headquartered consulting firm focusing on digital manufacturing services.

Founded in 1988, Callisto delivers consulting and technical services to industrial sector clients, including those in food and beverage, chemicals, utilities, and others. The firm’s offerings span operations management advisory, internet of things (IoT) and smart manufacturing solutions, and ERP systems integration.

The company helps clients boost the efficiency of their production process, providing real-time data and insights to detect quality issues and predict machine failure. Callisto has 160 employees across fives offices in Canada, the US, UK, and the Netherlands.

Management and technology consultancy Accenture has now acquired the Canadian firm for an unspecified sum. The move will bolster the firm’s Industry X.0 practice, which uses digital and emerging technologies to improve how companies manufacture products and operate industrial facilities.

Accenture acquires manufacturing consultancy Callisto Integration

According to a release from Accenture, the Callisto team will boost the practice’s North American capabilities in helping clients increase yield and quality of products, as well as timeliness of production.

The acquisition includes Callisto’s MeasureTek subsidiary based in Albany, Oregon, which uses IoT to improve farming with applications such as dynamic field monitoring and enhanced irrigation info.

"Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the factory floor,” Craig McNeil, leader of the Industry X.0 practice in North America, said. “The combination of our Industry X.0 capabilities with Callisto's digital manufacturing expertise can help our clients make their production processes more efficient and flexible. It can also help them produce higher-quality products and increase the safety and sustainability of their plant operations."

The addition of Callisto is one of many tech and advisory companies bolted onto Industry X.0 in the past year. Other recent acquisitions include Silveo in France, Enterprise System Partners in Ireland, US product innovation and engineering company Nytec, and German technology consultancy Zielpuls.

Mike Grasley, Callisto Integration's chief innovation officer, said, "Becoming part of Accenture Industry X.0 and Accenture's global organization is an incredible opportunity. It allows us to bring our digital manufacturing solutions to more clients at a scale that hasn't been possible before and presents new opportunities to our people."

Accenture has approximately 5,122 employees in Canada, and 509,000 globally. The firm is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.