Energy consultancy EMEX expands into Ontario and Alberta

17 February 2020 2 min. read
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EMEX, LLC, a Houston-based energy consulting and risk management firm, has announced it is expanding into the Canadian markets of Ontario and Alberta.

Founded in 2007, EMEX delivers a leading energy procurement and reverse auction technology platform, transacting hundreds of millions of dollars of electricity and natural gas products annually for business and government entities operating in deregulated energy markets. According to the firm, its proprietary technology platform helps clients uncover the lowest rates for electricity and natural gas supply in deregulated markets.

In addition to retail energy procurement, EMEX offers services and solutions in sustainability, energy efficiency, facility asset management, and demand response. The company has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Waco, Texas, as well as in Detroit and Trenton, New Jersey.

Now, the American firm will be extending its procurement, sustainability, and consulting services to Ontario and Alberta, as a result of energy deregulation in these provinces.

Energy consultancy EMEX expands into Ontario and Alberta

Canadian market deregulation began in 1985 with the deregulation of natural gas, while deregulation in the electricity market began over 10 years ago. This has resulted in a market where suppliers can offer different rates and plans for a variety of needs.

“We are extremely excited to begin offering our services to the Canadian marketplace," said EMEX's newly appointed president, Kris Hertel. "We believe that with our innovative technology and years of expertise, EMEX will be able to make a substantial impact on business' bottom line."

EMEX says that it has worked to secure relationships with a number of energy suppliers across the continent to ensure lower rates for its Canadian clients. Combined with its reverse auction platform, the company says its can help its clients uncover substantial savings on energy supply.

“For more than a decade, businesses, educational institutions, and government entities across the United States have been taking advantage of the EMEX Reverse Auction for their energy procurement, and we are eager to see the impact it can make in both Ontario and Alberta,” Hertel added.