CANABC partners with Canary to provide consulting to ‘craft growers’

27 June 2019 2 min. read
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CANABC, a medical and regulatory consulting firm, has partnered with cannabis company Canary Rx in order to provide consulting and distribution to micro license cannabis production applicants.

Based in Kelowna, CANABC has helped more than 8,000 patients obtain medical cannabis documents from Health Canada since 2007. In an effort to expand its cannabis-focused regulatory consulting services, the firm has entered a strategic alliance with Canary RX to assist applicants wishing to obtain licenses for micro cultivation, processing, and nurseries.

Micro cultivators, or “craft growers,” face myriad regulatory hurdles – including the preparation of compliant facilities and processes, the successful obtainment of a license from Health Canada, and ongoing compliance requirements. The complex compliance burden, as well as no provision for outdoor grow-ops, cut the cannabis production market down to larger capital-rich firms that can afford indoor operations and strict security measures. Government policy outwardly champions small farms and small businesses, but the cannabis framework, as yet, only leaves room for big players.

CANABC partners with Canary to provide consulting to ‘craft growers’

In partnership with Canary, CANABC will provide clients with custom standard operating procedures, good production practices, and will assist micro cultivators with ongoing compliance. Canary will additionally offer distribution services to craft growers restricted to selling to licensed producers under current regulations.

“Over the years, CANABC has met with hundreds of medical growers, many of which now wish to obtain Micro Licenses, yet don't feel equipped to navigate Health Canada's complex regulatory environment,” Lawrence Bintner, president & CEO of CANABC, said. “We want to support these growers to get licensed, and stay licensed.”

Jake Weinstein, co-founder & COO at Canary, added, “Canary understands that individuals and companies seeking Micro Licenses are often highly skilled and experienced growers. Everyone deserves an opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry, and we want to support Canadian growers in their efforts to become licensed.”

Canary is currently in the final stages of obtaining a license for its 44,000 square foot facility in Norfolk County, Ontario. The company expects to produce 3,600 kg of organic cannabis annually. Canary is a subsidiary of Target Group, a diversified cannabis acquisition company which also owns pod-based vape maker Wisp Vapor.

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