Point B

Point B is a consulting company dedicated to helping organizations with critical initiatives in the areas of customer engagement, growth investments, workforce experience and operations excellence. Our diverse set of experts spans 13 U.S. locations, with international reach via our partnership with Nextcontinent. We’ve helped global organizations of all stages and sizes achieve sustainable success by focusing on the humans at the center of change.  

We're revolutionizing consulting into a fresh era 

Change is the new normal in today’s world; in fact, we know from recent hard experience how abruptly change can happen.  Old corporate hierarchies are tumbling, decision-making processes are more lateral, the meaning of “value” is being redefined, and technologies are shifting at a stunning pace. And the consulting industry at large hasn’t evolved enough to meet the changing needs of customers, resulting in incremental solutions that don’t deliver sustainable results. But that’s not Point B. We believe that when you put people first in the process of transformation, you win. We’re revolutionizing consulting into a fresh era, one that reveres empathy right alongside industry and functional expertise.

To sidestep obsolescence, out-compete the competition and accelerate in a world of “always on” change, we partner with leaders to transform their businesses via our flexible, attentive approach to consulting--really digging deep and listening to the needs of our customers and their stakeholders. Our human-centered approach, supported by advanced data and analytics and proprietary technology platforms, informs the change needed to move them forward toward lasting self-sufficiency. 

For 25 years, our company has grown steadily by bringing on like-minded people who are the best in category across their respective disciplines, all sharing a common thread: they reject the rigid, status quo style of consulting so common in our industry. They want to be part of our employee-owned and operated company, directly answering to one another and not a majority-shareholding overlord. 

The gold standard of how well we’re doing our work is found within the customer satisfaction ratings of our industry known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our best evangelists are found within our repeat customer base and their personal referrals. How good is good? Our NPS is 3 times that of the industry average, surpassing our peers by a longshot. Survey after survey, open-ended qualitative replies praise Point B consultants on their abilities to listen, engage, spur new ideas, respond, communicate, lead and carry out strategic plans. “Care” and “commitment” repeat throughout customer comments, and these underscore why we do what we do. 

When companies are ready to change how they do business--or the way they engage and retain their employees or customers--it’s time to call Point B. Our genuine, human-centered care, clear navigation and focus on results make your company our business.