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Starting in a small warehouse, FTI Consulting has grown to become one of the pre-eminent consulting firms in the world. We have been a trusted client advisor during some of the most memorable events in recent history, including landmark celebrity legal cases, international crises and disputed presidential elections. Our founders were pioneers, creating solutions at the intersection of law, communications and technology, and today our teams of world-leading experts in their fields provide critical thinking about wide-ranging and far-reaching business and economic issues.

What we do
Organisations facing complex challenges and opportunities must make critical decisions to protect their enterprise value. Companies call on FTI Consulting and our unique arsenal of capabilities and expertise to develop and execute innovative solutions that transform complexity into competitive advantage.

We aim to attract, hire, acquire, develop and, most importantly, retain the best and most talented people in the world. Consistent with the highest ideals of loyalty, integrity, excellence, client service and respect, we act as one in helping our clients identify their jugular issues, devise value-added solutions for them, and then deliver those solutions locally through the last mile of execution in a timely, effective, thorough, seamless and cost-efficient manner.

The unique combination of our firm’s breadth and depth of skills and industry knowledge is what makes FTI Consulting so invaluable to our clients. We employ world-renowned industry experts, in their respective fields, who serve as trusted advisors to our clients and mentors to our employees.

Our Skills and Expertise

Corporate Finance & Restructuring
As a member of this FTI Consulting team of industry, financial and operational experts, you will focus on our clients’ strategic, operational, financial and capital needs. You will help find workable solutions to the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges and opportunities faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditors and other interested parties.

Forensic and Litigation Consulting
As a member of this practice, you will be involved in highly complex and high-profile legal cases. Working on behalf of corporations, governments and law firms, each case calls for a team of people with exactly the right expertise and range of forensic, investigative, data analytic and litigation experience.

Economic Consulting
Delivering incisive interpretation of complex economic issues has made FTI Consulting a world leader in this field. As part of this practice, you will be involved in the analysis of legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions, antitrust matters and public policy debates.

Legal, regulatory and investigative requirements make huge E-Discovery demands on any organization. Our Technology practice helps corporations, governments and law firms meet these demands without disrupting their core responsibilities. As an E-Discovery expert, you will be part of an award winning Ringtail team, managing requests throughout the data cycle.

Strategic Communications
How a company communicates, both internally and externally, is critical to its brand, its reputation and its valuation. Doing it right is an essential part of solving any important business issue. As part of this practice, you will participate in our uniquely holistic approach to strategic communications, including everything from brand development and investor relations to employee alignment and strategic philanthropy.

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