What would it be like if every consultant could work on their own terms and if every client could find the perfect consultant without searching in a matter of hours and to a fair price?

It’s the question that made Christoph Hardt and Jan Schächtele, both former McKinsey consultants, wonder. Since March 2015 COMATCH is bringing their vision into life. As the online marketplace for independent top management consultants and industry experts, COMATCH is matching consultants with clients in need of external support for a project based on an algorithm combined with personal experience of its employees. And the time was right: COMATCH’s core values - high quality standards, excellent customer service and quick handling of every project briefing - met a market in need of transparency: In its first year COMATCH already counted 700 well selected international consultants in its network and successfully contracted about 90 projects.

As COMATCH consultants and industry experts cover all important industries and functions companies of all sizes use the marketplace, among them international corporates, Private Equity houses as well as consultancies, Startups and SME’s. Even for companies that have never engaged consultants before COMATCH is the perfect support, thanks to its simple approach and high service level already in the project setup phase, if needed. Founders and CEOs of the Berlin based company are former McKinsey consultants Dr. Christoph Hardt and Dr. Jan Schächtele who met in 2012 in Hertogenbosch while working for Dutch clients.

“Hourlynerd in the US and COMATCH in Germany proved that consulting can be approached digitally as well and one doesn’t necessarily always need an expensive partner- and administrative structure to find excellent consultants and teams – that opens doors for new groups of clients.”

Jasper Masemann, Principal in the Berlin Office of Holtzbrinck Ventures In March 2016

With COMATCH clients and consultants gain time, trust and talent

Client benefits
Time: By handing over the complete research process to COMATCH clients save valuable time for better purposes. They stay very flexible with the option to request candidates for projects 24/7 and will receive suggestions quickly, even within 24 hours if required.

Talent: Clients can hire high quality talents from a pre-screened pool consisting of excellent consultants and industry experts that passed the two-step selection process:

  • A CV check which guarantees at least 2 years’ experience in a prestigious consultancy (for management consultants) and/or minimum 10 years’ experience in a certain industry (for industry experts) with clear career track record
  • A personal interview to check soft skills

Trust: Clients can rely on our confidentiality, quality standards and transparency. They experience our good customer relations as every client will be supported by a personal, experienced contact: A recommendation rate of 95 percent is a nice result Risk-free requests enable the client to test the comatching service easily, payment is only due when a consultant will be hired.

Consultant benefits
Time: Consultants receive an additional and cost-free channel of acquisition for interesting projects and be able to focus on what they do best and love most: consulting. Digital Time tracking, billing- and evaluation tools reduce admin work to a minimum along the whole project lifecycle.

Talent: Being part of the COMATCH pool helps to build the consultants’ profile as it serves as a label of quality. Surrounded by other talents the consultant will benefit from professional exchange and networking.

Trust: COMATCH acts as an agent for the consultant, our community management is a loyal support for their needs and on a pragmatic level offers several affiliate programs