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Why work at BCG Platinion?

Platinion has been an ongoing success for many years and in all countries we launch. We have a strong focus on Innovative IT technologies and methodologies like Agile, DevOps, BlockChain, Big data & Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud etc helping our clients in simplifying their IT structures and get ready for the Digital world and customers of tomorrow.

We operate in small, highly skilled and efficient teams whom work on-site together with the customer’s teams. This hands-on attitude allows us to deeply understand the client, jointly design and undertake any transformation journey and it enables the client to build knowledge and continue the journey independently into the future.

We do not shy away from searching for and pinpointing the underlying root causes of our assignments. Often the original request is a mere symptom of a deeper challenge.

Being a part of a Platinion project means working within motivated teams, solving challenging issues, collaborating in a trusted relationship with our clients, and contributing to a lively company culture.

Platinion is independent. However, we benefit considerably from the connection with our parent company The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), for example, through joint projects with BCG consultants, the worldwide use of BCG offices, and the closely linked IT infrastructure.

At Platinion, challenging tasks and excellent training opportunities await you as well as attractive promotion prospects.

Who are we looking for?

In order to provide our clients with the best solution to their questions we need a special mix of skills.

Independent: Our teams are usually small. This means a high level of independence is required of each of the team member. Each member is responsible for his/her tasks.

Project / Challenge driven but with a strong team spirit: Our methods of project work require fast, interdisciplinary thinking individuals with a strong team spirit.

High quality standard and client (best interest) focus: No good advice without good quality work and we provide the best tailored advice for our client’s needs. The best advice however is not always the answer the clients want to hear or the answer to the question originally asked. We do not shy away from looking for the root cause of a question or providing advice which is not in line with expectations.

Hands-on attitude: Our teams are working on-site at the customer, side-by-side with the customer’s team, interacting continuously with our client counterparts. While we build our knowledge on the specific ins-and-outs of the customer to provide the best tailored advice possible, the client team improves their knowledge on frameworks, methodologies and our external experience to ensure continuous improvement after our assignment is completed.

In-depth knowledge of specific IT skills and industries: Our customers are expecting expert advice tailored to their needs/industry hence we look for people who have these skills or have a very strong IT foundation and willingness to learn specific skills like Agile, DevOps, BlockChain, Big data & Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud etc.

High project standards, the variety of tasks, and the independent way of working are the ingredients for a diverse and exciting career at Platinion. The increasingly international focus furthermore offers the possibility of gaining international work experience. If you recognize yourself in this profile, then Platinion is the right place for you.

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