BCG Platinion

BCG Platinion is a rapidly growing company of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with over 300 employees worldwide. Today we have offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. And we plan to continue our growth for the coming years. 

We focus on helping clients with digitizing the core and transforming their IT function, by providing digital design and engineering capabilities and combine them with best in class IT competencies to address challenges in brownfield environments.

Working collaboratively with our colleagues from BCG, Digital Ventures and Gamma we bring client opportunities to life in complex environments and short time frames.

At BCG Platinion, we thrive on challenge and many of our projects are characterized by special demands. These may originate from the exceptional strategic or operational significance of the assignment, from the extent or complexity of the project content, or even from a tight timeline.

Our work is always aligned with the clients’ strategic business objectives. We judge solutions by their contribution to the success of the strategic and long-term effect on the companywide IT architecture. The interaction of technology, organization and strategy leads to a variety of different project types. We are working on, or have completed, projects in many areas; Digital Innovation like blockchain, Cloud strategy/migration, BigData & Advanced analytics, machine learing, API, Digital Transformation like Agile@Scale and SimplifyIT, Project management, intervention and recovery.

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